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When you are considering your accommodations for your Hawaiian vacation, you obviously want to find the best hotels in Maui. Having comfortable lodging will let you enjoy all there is to see and do from a centrally located hotel. With the best hotels in Maui, you can also vacation in style.

If you want to experience Maui, make sure you visit Wailea Beach, which offers swimming, snorkeling in calm waters, and body surfing. It is considered one of the best beaches in Maui. Many of the best hotels in Maui are just minutes away from this beach. While not for everybody, Puu Olai Beach is one of the unofficial nude beaches of Maui, and may deserve a visit.

Another great place to visit are the volcanoes that dot the island. The last volcanic eruption outside of the Big Island happened at Haleakala on Maui. This eruption occurred before the late 18th century, although some think it could have been hundreds of years earlier. You can visit this volcano from any number of the best hotels in Maui.

Another great Hawaiian attraction is Halona Cove on Oahu. This is where the famous, romantic love scene in From Here to Eternity was filmed. You can also stay near this site at the best hotels in Oahu. Waikiki Beach is also located in the heart of Oahu. This is considered one of the best beaches in Oahu becomes the surf does not come very close to the shoreline.

When planning your vacation, you may want to find maps of Hawaii that will let you know where all the popular attractions are located. The best hotels in Maui will often have these maps available to their guests. You will be able to plan out your daily excursions from your home base of one of the best hotels in Maui.

The best hotels in Maui will offer you a full array of comforts and amenities. You can find the best hotels in Maui for your Hawaii vacation that will suit your individual tastes and your vacation budget. Do remember to bring your camera so you can take lots of pictures of this island paradise.
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