Why you need online privacy software

Competitive analysis

As if 2000, only the top ten countries, at 73 percent use, are the major internet users. Then after ten years they account for only 60 percent . This means that other users now come from other countries. This made the World Wide Web really worldwide. Then as of October 2012, iOS based mobile devices takes up 60 percent of the total mobile browsing. Android based only takes up 27 percent . This is according to NetMarketShare.
At present, in the US there are about 240 million internet users. This includes use in the office and at home. For many organizations it is therefore necessary to provide online privacy software to protect the employees and organization from identity theft, web data mining, web data scrapping tools and other activities that are designed to take advantage of knowing your internet activities. An online privacy software would allow your employees and the organization to have anonymous surfing. An online privacy software includes anonymizer, which allows for anonymous browising.

You should also ensure corporate privacy and brand protection. For example, APT is a different class of malware intentionally created to breach highly secure networks. It was designed for economic and political purposes. The creators are highly skilled and well funded. In fact the foreign governments are the perpetrators. Online privacy software can be a good additional protection for your company. This is because according to the study Why Johnny Cant Opt Out, the top nine anti tracking systems have serious usability flaws. The study was conducted by the CyLab of the Carnegie Mellon University and published in 2011. It is best therefore to hide your identity online so that your movements are untraceable. Great references here.

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