Why Ballet Lessons Are Great for Kids

Dancing lessons for kids

Are you looking for a way to get your kids out of the house? Want something that will give them plenty of exercise and improve their social skills? The answer may be ballet dance classes. Let’s face it, sometimes it can be hard to find things for kids to do. However, ballet classes can be a fun and positive experience for kids of all ages.

Ballet is a form of dance that traces its roots back to the Italian Renaissance of the 15th and 16th century. From there ballet rapidly spread to France, where it became popular with the French royal court. It was here, in France, that ballet was further developed into its current incarnation. In particular, it was the patronage of the French king Louis XIV who is responsible for the development of ballet in the 17th century. Louis XIV was very passionate about dance, even performing is several ballets in his youth. He appointed Pierre Beauchamp, who introduced and developed the standard vocabulary of ballet movements, and Jean-Baptiste Lully, who was responsible for composing music specifically for ballet. Together, these two men laid the foundation upon which all ballet is based.

There are several advantages to ballet. First, and perhaps the most obvious, is that it provides children with exercise. Ballet helps to strengthen core muscles and improves flexibility and muscle strength. Ballet dance classes can also help promote cognitive skills development. Finally, ballet classes for children can improve their social skills. With all the benefits that kids dancing lessons provide, it is no wonder that over 34,000 children, five years old and younger, regularly attend dance classes in the United States.

Enrolling your children in a kids dance school early gives them the opportunity to develop high quality dance skills over time. This could even lead to an exciting career in dance. To find out more information about dance lessons for kids, search online.

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