Who Needs the Other Clamp Stores, When You Have Destaco

De sta co toggle clamps

Have you taken a look at a Destaco catalog recently? If you need anything hardware related, Destaco is your place to find it. You can find machinery parts as complex as robot hands and grippers, or as simple as clamps. In fact, in 1936 Destaco actually invented, patented, and manufactured the first ever manual toggle clamp. So you can certainly trust their clamp expertise.

The next time you are in to visit one of the fine Destaco distributors near you, ask them to see a Destaco clamps catalog. Not only will you find their original manual toggle camp in there, but you can also find a variety of other clamps and latches that can be applied to any number of jobs to make them easier.

1. Manual Clamps

Again, with their clamp start in ’36, Destaco has been ahead of the game in terms of what they provide in clamp offerings. For the manual toggle selection they have hold down clamps of both horizontal and vertical handle design, latch clamps and carver clamps. They also have pull action latch, squeeze action, and straight line action clamps as well. Whatever you need to clamp, and if you are doing it manually, Destaco has a variety of different options for you to choose from. Sometimes a few different options for approaching a single job.

2. Pneumatic Clamps

This type of clamp utilizes air actuated cylinders in order to perform the actual clamping action. They are most often used for the quick clamping actions that are found in repetitive production operations. Yet they are economical and portable enough that they can be used on short run jobs as well. The actions available for pneumatic clamps are hold down, straight line, and swing or pull action. And the types of clamps are the standard, the pneumatic swing, power, and pneumatic power cylinders clamps.

If you need any type of clamp, Destaco is the place to go. And if you have any questions or simply want to look at what they have to offer, go ahead and find your local distributor. They can answer anything for you, give you a clamp catalog, and even make recommendations as to a type of clamp that may fit the job that you have lined up.

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