Vinyl Coated Fabric and other Vinyl’s

Playground shade cloth

There are many, many vinyl coated fabrics and products on the market today. As a matter of fact, vinyl flooring has been around since around the 1900s. Waldo Lonsbury Semon, a researcher who worked at the B.F. Goodrich Company actually invented Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride in 1926 starting off the wide world of vinyl products that are on the market today for you to purchase. In fact, the first two vinyl products ever produced were golf balls and shoe heels. Since then vinyl has certainly come a long way from printable vinyl to vinyl fabrics.

In today’s modern times vinyl is the second most plastic produced in the world with its durability and ability to withstand rain, wind, and sun making it an excellent choice for vinyl sing material to be made that is used in outdoor signs, banners, and shade coverings. You can even laminate fabric with vinyl so that it will last longer than it normally would. Vinyl sign material is durable and resists the elements well.

Even athletic and recreational products like gym mats, wall pads, the athletic dummy poles vault and jump pits, and even childhood development shapes and toys are made out of vinyl or a vinyl coated fabric.

Vinyl and vinyl coated fabric can be used in everything from the bathroom to toys that children play with. It is durable, washable, and will withstand the elements better than fabric and some other materials will.


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