Using Exchange ActiveSync and Device Management

Exchange activesync

You can use Exchange ActiveSync, commonly called EAS, can be used to allow your devices and phones to access email from Exchange. More specifically it can be used to sync your email, contacts and calendars between their mobile devices and computers.

One of the biggest advantages of using Exchange ActiveSync is that workers can get access to email wherever they have internet or cell services. If they have configured their email accounts on their phone, they can send and receive from practically anywhere.

For offices and businesses that have BYOD, or bring your own device, policies the users can use Exchange services with Activesync android. That means that the employee can choose their own phone or tablet for sending and receiving their work email. In some industries, up to 54 percent of the employees might use tablets for a combination of personal and business reasons.

Part of the capability of Exchange ActiveSync involves the Activesync security policies. This allows an administrator to set up different group and individual user levels of access. It also give some level of configuration and management so that users and groups do not become a security issue. For example, a user may be required to update a password on a certain frequency so that they do not pose a risk.

Exchange ActiveSync can provide some oversight of the cloud based systems that a business uses as part of its larger security policies and configurations. While it may at first sound like a restriction imposed to employees and users, in reality it is for the protection of everyone. If a lost phone or tablet was not required to maintain a secure session, or password protected session, then various system could be at risk for discovery or worse.

While Exchange ActiveSync works for Microsoft systems and configurations, it has also been licensed for use among many different systems. That gives administrators the flexibility to support varied and different devices. The BYOD trend can be effectively combined with different operating systems and devices.

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