Understanding Medicare Advantage

Medicare advantage enrollment

A perplexing area for those who are about to qualify for Arizona Medicare is Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C. These Arizona Medicare plans Medicare advantage plans are approved by Medicare and provided by private insurers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser and United HealthCare. When you enroll in Medicare Advantage the Medicare beneficiary trades their Original Az medicare coverage for these plans. However, they’re still required to continue paying their Part B Medical premiums.

An individual can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Arizona plan if they have both Part A and Part B of Medicare and live in an area where there’s a plan available. A lot of plans only cover certain geographical areas within a state. In order to enroll in them, you’d be required to live within that specific area. Nevertheless, you should be able to find a Phoenix Medicare Advantage plan to join once you become eligible to do so. While this time is typically the 3 months prior to the time that you turn 65 years old, there are special open enrollment plans available if you move out of the plan’s geographic area or if the plan should happen to no longer offer benefits in your geographic area.

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