The Right Day Care Can Prevent Drug Abuse

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Did you know that the average 2 year old picks up about 5 new words a day? This means that in one week, children can add more than 800 new words to their vocabulary. This is an ability that they will never get back in their life, making it all the more important that they are placed in a setting where their language skills can be developed properly. Many parents work hard at finding a good child care provider for their child for this reason. While there are academic aspects to attending a day care or preschool, the chances children get to interact with their peers and build social skills is invaluable. It an be a great way for them to learn new vocabulary and understand its use in everyday language.

Finding the best day care for your child is important, because it can keep your child engaged in learning and activities that they will not get anywhere else. In some cities, it is a matter of survival. For example, in some low-income areas of Chicago, 28 percent of the children who attended preschool programs were less likely to develop drug problems, or experience run-ins with the law as adults. Day cares actually began in the 19th century, originating with welfare and reform movements that aimed to support impoverished immigrant and working class mothers who needed help caring for their child while they worked during the day. Today, many parents, regardless of their wealth, need the same help in order to maintain their jobs.

Choosing the best day care is an important part of providing your child with ample learning opportunities. Many centers place focus on both the social and academic aspects of early childhood education, and this is one of things to consider choosing a daycare. By asking the administration about their program, you will be able to assess whether their agenda matches what you are looking for. Other questions to ask a child care provider could include their outdoor and physical activity schedule, if and when the children nap, how early or late your child can be at the center, and what days the center closes during the year. Knowing these details can make choosing the best day care for your child easier, and clarify which center might be able to best support your child’s learning over another. It could also have a significant impact on your child’s development.

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