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If you are ever unfortunate enough to join the seemingly ever-growing ranks of individuals without jobs, a sales career is always an option. For whatever reason, no matter how badly the economy tanks, it always seems that countless companies are constantly on the look out for new salespeople. So what gives? Are that many business really growing that quickly, or is are careers in sales really that tough.

Well, the answer is definitely not the former, and the latter is only one part of the problem that causes a shortage of skilled sales people for many businesses. In addition to being a tough career, sales jobs often require long hours and considerable legwork to earn that 100% commission-based salary. Even when sales people manage to chalk up a decent sale, they will have to do it three, four, or more times to make enough money to live on. So what is the result? A high turnover rate for sales professionals, and companies desperate to fill open sales positions.

Of course, not all sales jobs are quite as bad as depicted above. Nonetheless, the best sales jobs are challenging in different ways, and, therefore, require the best sales people available. The top companies are well aware of the fact that only about 10% of the sales people they hire will end up providing them with a good return-on-investment. Thus, smart businesses routinely turn to the leading sales recruitment firms to hire a sales rep that will stick around for more than a year.

Ideally, when they hire a sales rep he or she will be around longer than a year. After all, hiring and training a new sales person costs a lot of man hours and money. Therefore, it is in the best interest for businesses to avoid the vicious cycle of hiring and parting ways with a revolving door of frustrated or ineffective sales people.

The bottom line is sales and marketing headhunters can help their clients save considerable time and money by finding and bringing in the very best prospects. In the long run, recruiting agencies can end up saving their business clients thousands upon thousands of dollars. More on this topic:

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