The Importance Behind Direct Mailing Companies

Direct mail printers

Many of the people that were born during this age of internet connection and technology advancements do not know what it once was like to be away from someone for a while. Yes, people today still have to go through times where they are away from each other, but it is not like before, because today you can still keep in touch so easily. Nowadays, with things like social media, smart phones, Skype, and pretty much the quick contact through any cell service allows people to talk or see each others face literally whenever they want to, as long as they are hooked up to some type of internet or service.

But in the days before, when life was much more simplified yet much harder in some aspects, if you were away from a loved one the only connection you had with them was through direct mailing companies, which allowed you to send mail or postcards directly to that person. The first known printed picture postcard, with an image on one side, was created in France in 1870 at Camp Conlie, a training camp for soldiers in the Franco Prussian war. This is a service that has been around for more years than we can fathom, and this is how people kept in touch. For example, when men went away to war, the only contact they had was through letters! Imagine that, we are just so lucky today. During WWI, soldiers sent their loved ones delicate postcards made of embroidered silk mesh, and although this seems like a beautiful gesture, imagine the fact that if you were a solider, you could have died before it even reached the girl you love?

Although it seems like technology has ruined the idea of direct mailing companies, the concept of mailing something directly to a given destination has not completely fallen off. In the likes of marketing, using direct mail campaigns is still a great way to gain customers! Think about it, when you receive something in the mail, you cannot just delete it, or ignore its call, you must at least look at it because lets be honest here, no one just throws the mail out without looking at at least, that simply would not be safe.

Try thinking beyond business for a minute though, and really consider the beauty that direct mailing holds inside. All of those people before you, so in love and missing each other, and this was their only way of communicating? It seems so odd, but you must appreciate it, because there was much more effort put into the idea of sending a letter or using direct mail postcards.

Postcards are something still used, especially when people are traveling. Customized postcards can be sent from all over the world, and yes you could easily contact somebody over the internet and everything, but direct mailing postcards allow the person to feel like the item itself is actually from the place you are traveling to! What a beautiful thing. So, After all of these years, do not think the purpose of direct mailing companies has completely depleted, but people just need to realize how important and amazing this once was, and appreciate how wonderful it still can be today.


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