The Best Motor Oil is a Quality Motor Oil

How often should i change my oil

Most automobile drivers probably understand the basics of caring for their engine. But many likely do not know about the risks of potential damage that could result from using motor oil that fails to meet industry established standards. There are dozens of different motor oil types and knowing exactly which one is right for your vehicle is important. Using the wrong motor oil for a vehicle or one that does not meet quality standards could compromise engine performance over time. Being aware of what are the best motor oils for your car is a key to extending engine and vehicle lifetime.

All motor oils are graded by the American Petroleum Institute standards. Most manufacturers only recommend motor oil licensed by the API as these oils have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet engine standards. Before the appearance of the now familiar plastic bottle in the 1980s, motor oils were sold in glass bottles and metal cans. All bottles should be examined for the API symbols of quality before purchasing. Knowing which motor oil works in your engine is not enough to maintain performance, the best motor oils are those that have been tested and proven to be of the highest quality.

Motor oil does not wear out, it only gets dirty, so recycling it saves a valuable resource. Used motor oil should never be thrown out or disposed of. In 2009, vehicles worldwide produced 3.7 billion gallons of used motor oil. The United States alone produces 1.3 billion gallons each year. Most manufacturers recommend changing oil every 3000 miles, but many new cars do not need a change that often. Most 2012 model vehicles only need a change once every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Always be careful when adding more oil yourself between changes. Putting too much oil into your car may cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil, which churns air into the oil and causes foaming, as well as fluctuations in oil pressure. Care and precision must be practiced for proper engine maintenance.

Remember, the best motor oils are those that meet API standards. Motor oil standards are not something that should be taken lightly. Automobiles are an important part of life in this modern world. Without proper care, a vehicle will suffer. And most everyone knows, life is a lot harder without a well running car.
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  1. Modern cars definitely do not need oil changes more than once a year. The old 3000 miles standard was put in for cars from the 1970s. And they don’t make em like they used to.

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