Sometimes a Fender Bender is Far More Serious Than it Seems

When many of us get into a minor fender bender, we would often rather let it go than make a fuss over it. After all, often in such circumstances there does not appear to be any harm done to either vehicle. However, no matter how minnor an accident may appear at the outset, it is always a good idea to take photos of both cars and to exchange insurance information with the other driver. Sometimes damage may be done to your car that will not show up until later when you have to take it to a body repair shop such as Doral collision center.

Sometimes a minor accident requiring service at Doral Collision Center or another collision body shop is due to speeding by one or both drivers. These accidents may result in a police officer giving one or both drivers a speeding ticket. Although the majority of people who receive speeding tickets are men, women are far more likely to contest their speeding tickets than men are. One driver who definitely should have appealed his speeding ticket was Jacob German, a New York City taxi driver who was arrested for speeding on May 20, 1899. He was driving just 12 miles per hour down Lexington street in Manhattan!

Many drivers swear when they are pulled over for speeding or when they get into a fender bender. The typical driver swears an estimated 32,000 times over the lifespan while operating an automobile. However, drivers might swear less if they took their cars in for service at Doral Collision Center where their vehicles would be worked on by an auto body tech with a vast array of experience and expertise. The mechanics at Doral Collision Center are well renowned for their extensive training and finesse.

Did you know that in order to get a car started, you only need half an ounce of gasoline? That is the kind of information that a Doral Collision Center mechanic would absolutely know. This bit of trivia might help an auto body tech diagnose ignition related problems that other mechanics might miss. This mechanical depth of wisdom is just one of the many reasons that Doral Collision Center is an excellent place to have your car serviced after it has been in a minor accident.

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  1. That is so true about damage that does not show up right away after a seemingly small accident. I had a fender bender about a year ago. Everything seemed fine, so I let it go, and it turned out that my car actually was damaged.

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