Save Your Children from Periodontal Disease

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Children always give us a reason to smile. Their playful nature and carefree attitude are enviable, and the fact that they smile about 400 times a day teaches us something about the way we should live life. Parents do everything they can to keep their children happy and healthy. This includes taking them to pediatric dentists as soon as they are old enough. Dentists urge children to begin brushing and flossing on their own as long as they can hold and operate a toothbrush or floss. Between children’s fun-flavored floss and generic adult versions, it is no surprise that more than three million miles of dental floss is sold annually in the United States. That makes for clean teeth and happy dentists most of the time.

Unfortunately, not everyone escapes dental problems. Promoting good brushing and flossing habits can help prevent decay and tooth loss in the future, but cannot guarantee it. Many children develop misaligned teeth as their teeth breach their gums. To fix this, they are often given braces that help realign stray teeth. If treated early enough, periodontal disease, premature tooth loss, and tooth decay can be prevented. More importantly, they can avoid cosmetic dental work like teeth whitening treatment, dental implantation and veneers. Teeth whitening strips are sold over the counter, but a severely stained tooth can only be fixed by an dentist. They use peroxide-based chemical that oxidize the teeth, giving them their bright, white look. But this procedure can be expensive. The cost of veneers, implants, and other cosmetic dental work can be extremely high as well. For this reason, dentists stress preventative care from an early age.

To decrease the chance that your child will need dental work in the future, make sure that they learn how to brush early. Several parents brush their toddler’s teeth as early as 12 months old. This may sound extreme, but it might help keep a child’s teeth healthy throughout childhood and adulthood. Even though many children are afraid of going to the dentist, classified by the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as odontophobia, parents can help them understand the risks associated with skipping their regular visits. Knowing this might alleviate their fear of dentists and help put the smile back on their face. Helpful sites.

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