Safe Windshields for Any Make or Model

Glass windshield repair

Many of us lead extremely busy lives. Often we are found in our cars driving from A to B, B to A, and A to who knows where. With how often we use our cars, keeping every part of a car as safe as possible should be a priority for any vehicle owner.

Gas powered vehicles were first widely manufactured during the 19th century. However, the addition of a windshield to typical vehicles was not made until 1904. Now every car has a windshield, and many of us drive around not considering the risks involved with a big sheet of glass directly in front of us. Vehicle glass repair is imperative to the safety of your vehicle.

The word window originates from the term vindauga, an Old Norse term loosely translated to mean wind eye. When we are in our vehicles, we are surrounded by windows. This makes investing in safety auto glass a good way to avoid serious hazards when something unexpected hits them. Back in the day, they used thin sheets of marble, paper, or translucent animal horn sheets for windows.

While we are driving, our vehicles are moving pretty fast. Especially if we are on the expressway. Often times, unexpected debris hit our windshields, this can cause them to fracture and break. Now lets do the math, you are going 65 miles an hour on the express way, and so is that rock coming directly at your windshield. That adds up to a nasty crack, and possibly some serious damage to your face.

In 1917, a woman named Charlotte Bridgewood patented the automatic windshield wiper. Back then, it was called an electric storm windshield cleaner. Apparently innovative inventions ran in the blood, because her daughter also invented the turn signal.

If you see weak points in your windshield, window and glass repair services will fix them for less if they are smaller. So do not wait to repair auto glass. Auto glass repair services will typically recommend safety auto glass. Considering it is more durable, it is a great investment for any vehicle you use frequently. It not only will save you money in the long term, but also will protect you against unexpected danger while driving.

Investing in a higher quality windshield may seem trivial or tedious, but it is a valuable investment if you drive your car often. Installing safety auto glass is something many people do not think about until they experience a ghastly crack in their windshield, and end up paying a huge repair bill. Save yourself the trouble, and look into a safer windshield for your car today. Links like this.

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