No More Back Pain!

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At any given time there are 31 million Americans who are experiencing lower back pain. The immediate response to pain in our culture is to use medicine to soothe it. This never completely erased the problem however. Chiropractors practice a hands on approach with no drugs that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. If you have never tried chiropractic care, this just could be exactly what you are missing.

The most common treatment that is used at a chiropractor is spinal manipulation. A chiropractic professional often calls this spinal adjustment or chiropractic adjustment. It was suggested, in a 2012 systematic review, that spinal manipulation is cost effective when being used alone or in combination with other treatment approaches such as laser pain treatment.

Chiropractic therapy is not just used to treat back and neck pain as many people think. Headaches and whiplash are also commonly addressed by chiropractors. Some sports teams also employ the use of a team chiropractor. The relationship of chiropractic and sports injuries may not be one that people realize exists, but this drug free approach to injuries and bone misplacement can be extremely effective.

So before you reach for the pain pills, or give up your love of activities be sure to speak with an experience chiropractor. It is likely that the pain you are feeling in your spine or lower back can be eased or erased by a skilled chiropractor. Also, now that you are aware of the relationship between chiropractic and sports injuries you may have found the remedy for an old sports related injury that has plagued you for years. Do not live with the pain any longer. Find a chiropractor to get you back to being pain free. More research here.

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  1. Getting cracked by a chiropractor freaks me out. I have heard it on like tv and stuff and I just dont think that I would be able to let someone do that to me.

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