Modern Toilets Now Then and Now

Walk in tubs

The walk in bathtubs that have a door on them that is sealed with a watertight seal is not the only new features we can have in our bathrooms today. There are modern toilets to consider having installed too. The first sort of what you would call modern toilets were put in during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, at Richmond Palace in circa 1600. The Queen thought it made too much noise though and so she would not use it. In 1907, The first vortex flushing toilet bowl was patented by Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John. The bowl vortex flush gave a self cleaning effect. There are commercial toilets of all kinds now.

For instance, some of the modern toilets are the new pressure assisted toilets. Some are the water efficient toilets and some are called water saving toilets. The modern toilets that are efficiency toilets are the ones that use both a minimum and a maximum water flushing system. One side is for solids, the other is for liquids only. People are weird about bathrooms and modern toilets today. They are even using Jack and Jill bathrooms now. These really are not new though. These are the kind of bathrooms that are situated between two bedrooms and they both have a door in to the bathroom.

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