Leather VS Microfiber

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It’s an age old furniture debate: leather VS microfiber. Each has their own advantages, their own disadvantages, and there’s never a clear answer. However, considering your needs, and what each can offer, perhaps you can come to a sensible conclusion to the leather VS microfiber debate.

So, to help you settle whether you want leather VS microfiber, here’s some tips on buying furniture!


There are several advantages to leather. First of all, leather furniture is always going to be high quality, regardless of what type or grain leather is used. Secondly, leather furniture is usually some of the most comfortable furniture. Also, leather provides a classic, tasteful aesthetic. Many people also like to choose leather for its durability. Not only is leather immune to rips and tears, but it’s virtually impossible to stain on accident.

However, because leather furniture is so great, it can be quite costly. Even if you’re finding the best furniture stores that have the best deals, you can still pay a good chunk of your furniture budget on leather pieces. True, there are more affordable pieces depending on the type or grain, but for the furniture to be properly comfortable, it should be high quality. Also, although leather doesn’t tear, pets can still scratch a sofa, wearing it out and making it lose its aesthetic appeal.


The biggest benefit of microfiber is its cost-efficiency. Microfiber pieces of furniture are much more affordable. This way, you can refurnish an entire house and fit easily within your budget. Microfiber also suits a hotter climate, as it’s known to wick away excess moisture like sweat. Plus, it’s good for houses with pets as it doesn’t scratch like leather.

That being said, microfiber also has some disadvantages. Although it doesn’t scratch, cats’ and dogs’ claws can tear and rip microfiber furniture. It’s also much less durable than leather furniture, so after a few years it may need replacing. Plus, accidents and spills can stain microfiber.

There you have it–a whole smorgasbord of food for thought in the leather VS microfiber debate. If you have any questions about leather VS microfiber, or anything to contribute to the leather VS microfiber discussion, feel free to share in the comments. See more.