Leadership, Experience and More the Top Benefits of Youth Programs

Youth leadership camps

Teenagers are notorious for their frustrations. Their tastes may change, they might develop a new group of friends and they might not want to get a summer job “just because.” Teens often have a lot of energy that they don’t know where to focus. As a parent, you might be doing your kids a favor by finding quality community service summer programs for them to participate in.

Of course, you might be met with some resistance. Your teens might be repulsed at the idea of having to “do something” during their time off. But if you can find the right camp atmosphere for them, it just might become their summer salvation from boredom and aimlessness. Here are some quick facts to keep in mind as you research the benefits of youth programs in all shapes and sizes.

Homesickness can be a test.

Spending a summer away from parents, siblings and friends can be a very trying experience for a child. Homesickness is just a natural part of going to camps and other youth programs. In fact, 96 percent of children who live at sleepaway camps for at least two weeks will endure being homesick at some point during the stay. When they brave it, though, kids can build strength inside themselves.

Kids can lead even at a young age.

Besides the adult organizers and supervisors, community service summer camps are typically run by teens not much older than the campers themselves. These young leaders are often called counselors or cabin leaders, and one of the best benefits of youth programs in the summer is how they can allow kids to work their way up to leadership spots. You have to lead by example, and the right camps will give kids an opportunity to do this among their peers.

Living among wild animals takes courage.

OK, so horses aren’t typically considered “wild” animals if they’ve been trained to let humans ride them. But one of the most important benefits of youth programs is how they can allow kids to learn how to ride a horse, which, more than anything, is dependent on trust and strong assertive skills. If your children have ever wanted their own ponies, why not give them the experience of lifetime by having them learn to ride at equestrian camps?

Enduring new experiences builds lifelong patterns of wonder.

If you’re going to send your kids away to summer camp, you might as well have them learn something while they’re there. Leadership camps can become the perfect places for kids to continue to excel both in and out of the classroom; plus, they look great on a resume. One of the most important benefits of youth programs is the takeaway, or how your kids can translate these isolated camp endeavors into real world skills. It all starts with finding the right camp for them. Find more on this here: www.longacre.com

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  1. Sleepaway camp always sounded like such a lame thing to do…until I did it. Learned how to swim, cool hiking tips, made great friends. I’ve never forgotten it.

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