If You Can Buy a Home Sight Unseen, More Power to You

Homes for sale norfolk va

I found myself googling “new homes for sale Norfolk VA” when I needed to make a move. I was in the market for nice Suffolk new homes because I needed a change of scene. I heard that the weather was great there from my brother who used to be stationed in Norfolk.

I visited him once before and fell in love, and that love has not abided since, which is what really led me to the google pages of “homes for sale norfolk va.” I had some trouble finding the right one for me. I tried different key terms like “waterfront homes in Suffolk VA” or “new homes in Suffolk VA” or “homes for sale in suffolk va,” but it was not until I called a place up, and set up a trip over there to check out some property for myself did I find what I was looking for.

So if you can find the house you want by googling “homes for sale Norfolk VA” more power to you, but me? I needed to see the country for myself. Has anyone else had an experience like mine? Where seeing was believing?

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