How to Landscape Your Backyard Cheaply!

Backyard landscaping

Backyard landscaping projects can improve your satisfaction with your home while you live there, and they can also help lure potential buyers when you move. Believe it or not, investing in even just small backyard landscaping projects can boost the value of your home by as much as 11% and if the projects successful, it’s possible to recover the expenses up to 200% when you sell your home as well.

However, these benefits that come in the long run will first need some initial spending. The problem is that the budget for some backyard landscaping projects can quickly inflate. Thankfully, there are many projects that don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. It simply requires a little bit more inspiration, work and strategizing.

Her’s a couple backyard landscaping design ideas that won’t make a dent in your bank accounts!

Native Gardening.

In recent years, native gardening has become more popular. Native plants often outperform imports because they’ve evolved to withstand the area’s climate extremes, pests and diseases. It’ll take a bit of researching to find out what plants are native to your area, but opting for a yard filled with native grasses and flowers will only cost one-tenth of a traditional turf grass lawn. Plus, native plants are able to survive on their own without too much assistance, making them very low maintenance.

Use Recycled Items.

Why pay so much at gigantic hardware stores for things that you could get for much less at garage sales and flea markets? You can also keep an eye out for demolition and construction sites, where there are tons of old bricks, concrete, usable lumber and other items that’ll only be tossed away, which means they’re up for grabs.

These are only a couple ways that you can save on backyard landscaping projects that will ultimately improve the value of your home! If you have any questions about these landscape design ideas, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, if you have landscape ideas to contribute, please share! Get more here.

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