How Do Locks and Keys Work?


Whether we realize it or not, locks are an important part of our everyday lives. We have locks on many of our most important possessions. Just think about your home and your car. Despite performing such an important function, we rarely think about locks or how they work.

A lock is a mechanical or, these days, electronic fastening device that is released by, either a physical object, or a piece of secret information. For most of the locks in our lives, we think of them as being opened by a metal key. These traditional locks are usually either pin tumbler and wafer tumbler types. A pin tumbler lock works by using two piece pins to keep a lock closed unless a key with matching pins is inserted. Wafer tumbler types are similar to pin tumbler locks except that the pins are one piece instead of two.

Locks and keys have existed since the ancient Egyptians. The oldest key manufacture still around today is over 200 years old. While keys have always had a practical use, they have also been used to represent authority, security, and power for centuries.

Locksmiths are the professionals responsible for lock installation and repair, as well as locksmith rekeying. In order to become a locksmith, no formal education is needed. However, locksmiths do have to undergo extensive training and apprenticeships to become certified. If you have need of a residential locksmith there are many fine Boca Raton locksmiths. They can provide locksmith rekeying services as well as lock installation and repair. Check online or in the yellow pages for more information.

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