Growing Canadian Trucking Industry

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More than half a million Canadians participate in the trucking industry of the nation, including positions such as trailer rental, driving trailers, trailer sales, and trailer maintenance. With such a large population invested in the Canadian trucking industry, the use of reefer trailers is widely spread. These types of trucks are refrigerated trailers that transport goods across long distances while maintaining the necessary temperature. Reefer trailers were first introduced by a company in North Texas in 1929, Baird, but their use has spread North to Canada.

Companies will use rental reefer trailers to transport goods such as produce and other cold chain supplies. O A company can find refrigerated trailers for sale across Canada, not to mention the wide selection of trailer leasing and trailer rental Canada offers. However, with a rental or leased reefer trailer, the company must be vigilant about the trailer maintenance while the reefer trailer is in their possession. Just as in any motor vehicle, trailer parts are more expensive due to the size and capacity that they must maintain in order to operate the refrigerated trailer. Obviously, these rental trailers need maintenance, and many companies use reefer trailers on a regular basis. This consistent use of reefer trailers fuels the growth of Canada trailer sales, as well as the growth of trailer rentals and the need for trailer parts.

Reefer trailers have arguably changed a number of industries, including Canada trailer sales and food service industry. Refrigerated trailers allow the food service industry to have access to consistent produce, being no longer limited to the growing seasons of their areas, but the use of reefer trailers necessitates maintenance of the same. Trailer maintenance is also a thriving industry in Canada, as expanding Canada trailer sales mean more demand for trailer parts and a working knowledge of trailer maintenance.

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