Getting Married Soon? Think About a Unique Camo Wedding

Pink camo

Camouflage. It is not just for hunting anymore. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular as a fashion statement. The word camouflage is derived from the French word camoufler, meaning to veil or blind. The first instance of camouflage was the adoption of a rifle green jacket, used by two skirmishing units of the British army during the Napoleonic War. It is usually used by soldiers, military vehicles, and hunters to blend in with their environment, or to make them look like something else. Animals have long used camouflage. Squid change their color to blend in with their surroundings. Camouflage sometimes mimics the broken shape of light shining through the trees, as is exhibited in the dapple markings of giraffes.

As was stated, camo is now a highly popular fashion. We are seeing all sorts of camouflage clothing including bathing suits, lingerie, and purses. We have all seen those very popular camo bikinis on models. You can also find items such as camo seat covers and camo truck accessories.

Now how about a great camo wedding? This could be a fun and unique way to tie the knot. Camo wedding ideas could have the event taking place outdoors, or in a far off location. The bride and groom could be attired in some sort of camo wedding garb for an added note of style. Guests could wear camo formal wear to attend a camo wedding. A camo wedding might even included a wedding cake decorated in camouflage.

You may be thinking that a camo wedding will have only the usual black, brown and green colors. However, you can find all sorts of colors these days including pink camo. The bride can choose her favorite colors for her camo wedding. She may only want a splash of camo on her dress, rather than being in camo from head to foot.

A camo wedding is just one example of the way camo is being used in non traditional ways. Like we said at the beginning of this article, it is not just for hunting anymore. Go out and try out some camo ideas for your next party!
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