Get Your Game on, Golf Tips for Beginners

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If you find yourself on the Wilmington golf courses this year, you do not want to look like a total beginner. I am not guaranteeing that you will be the next great Golf Sportsman. In my book you would have to beat the longest putt ever recorded to win that title, so call me when you putt further than 375 feet. I am guaranteeing that you can not possibly be any worse if you follow these two golf stance tips and golf tips which were handpicked for beginners in general.

1. Be Tiger Woods.

Okay, I am kidding. I know you can not be Tiger woods. But consider that…Tiger was only eight years old when he got his first ace. What is an ace? An ace is a hole in one. Clearly the guy is a natural. If you want golf stance tips or even golf grip tips then it would not hurt to watch videos of his games on some of the best public golf courses in the nation. When Tiger Woods is at a competition then you can bet he is doing his best to play in perfect form. Study the videos and you will likely get a good idea about how to stand and how to grip the club.

2. Golf in a warmer climate.

Here is something I bet you did not know. If you swing a golf club at about 100 mph, and you are golfing at say 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect the ball to go eight yards further if you are golfing in 90 degree weather! It is true, the hotter it is in the air, the farther your golf swing will launch the ball. So go give golfing a whirl down in Texas, or Florida.

Even though you will be sweating profusely and likely suffering dehydration, you could land a birdie with that little bit of extra oomph that your drive gets out of the warmer air temperature. If you were ever wondering where the name “birdie” came from, you can be rest assured that it has almost nothing to do with birds. All you ornithophobics can still play golf! In the 19th century “bird” was slang for someone or something that was just super fantastic. A birdie, by the way, is a pretty good score in golf.

Follow these tips and you may get better! You may even be so lucky as to participate in a competition with a prestigious golf club. It was in 1744 that the first formal golf club began to hold a competition which awarded a silver golf club to the winner. Just think of all the great golf games you could play if you had a silver golf club.

For more golf stance tips you should visit a real golf course. All the internet articles in the world are not going to help you more than real life practice would. I do hope these golf tips for beginners were helpful at least in letting you know that I know very little about golf. Therefore, please take this advice with a grain of salt.
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  1. I had no idea that you could drive farther if the air was warmer. Seems pretty unfortunate then that most golf games are played in the fall.

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