Four Considerations to Make in a Vet Office

Your pet is a large part of your family, so search for a vet office like you would search for a primary care doctor for yourself, your spouse, and your kids. But do not sweat the small stuff and instead focus on the bigger picture. Look out for these four things, and all will be well.

First, look for a vet office that speaks to you when you walk through the doors. If walking through the doors is not a remote possibility for you (and if the vet office will not be hosting an open house anytime soon), then let the office’s website be your virtual doors. Get a first impression of the vet clinic by checking out its website, seeing what services it offers and generally learning all you can about the practice.

Second, find a vet office that has a great listing of certified veterinarians on staff. The vets working there should be accredited and awarded in some way too, to show that they are very good at their jobs. Many veterinarian offices have more than one vet working there, which adds to the availability you probably are hoping to find with a practice. The more people who work there, the more likely you will be to visit the veterinary clinic on a Saturday or at night when your pet has swallowed something toxic or is having difficulty breathing or moving.

Third, take your pet to a vet office that is reasonable for the price you pay. Some services are pretty standard across the veterinary board, though some vet offices are located in ritzier parts of town and therefore charge more because their clients are generally wealthier. The reverse applies to a vet clinic in a poorer area of town. But overall, the prices should be fair and reasonable for the services rendered by the vet to your pet.

Fourth, visit a vet office that is reasonably located for you. What if an emergency were to occur and you did not have sufficient time to get your pet where he needs to be … in a facility to care for him? You need the vet office to be at least somewhat near your home, so that a feasible logistical trip can be made instead of one that results in you spending an hour in traffic getting there. Choose the location well, but let it be only one of your many considerations when selecting a veterinary practice.

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