Following Standards Keeps Food Safe and Can Help Companies Grow

What is iso 9000

Unfortunately, even with all of the technology available today, mishandled food results in people getting sick all of the time. Many of the food safety certification programs, like AS9100 and Iso 9000 training go a long way towards preventing that problem. Salmonella, one of the worst food diseases, is generally transmitted to humans through the fecal matter of animals, stemming from food that has been improperly stored or prepared. Initiatives like AS9100 and Senate Bill 303, California Food Handler Law which requires employees who prepare, store, or serve foot to carry Food Handler Cards, help remedy that kind of problem

Haccp certification training, AS9100, and other programs like ISO 14001, which, as of 2010, was used in 159 countries and economies and at least 223, 149 organizations, do well to help make sure that food served is as safe as possible. On top of that, programs like ISO 14001 can give companies who adopt such standards an edge against companies who do not. Consequently, programs like that and AS9100 not only help keep people safe, but can help businesses thrive by offering ways to set them apart from the competition.

Some of the food safety programs like AS9100 can help businesses remain profitable by making them more efficient. ISO 50001 is designed to help businesses get the most out of their energy consuming assets and, in turn, save money. Although AS9100 and other BRC certification programs are meant to keep people healthy, they can also function to help businesses run better and be more profitable. These multiple benefits mean that any business would be wise to follow at least some of the many food standards available.

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