Rsd treatment

If you have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or CRPS (Complex Regional Pan Syndrome), you are very familiar with two things…

Pain and frustration.

Your problem with RSD (CRPS) probably started with a simple injury, perhaps to an ankle or elbow. Instead of healing, the nerves in that part of your body went nuts. Now you are sensitive to even a very light touch in the area, your skin changes color and can get hot or cold, you get tired easily, feel weak, may sweat a great deal, and your arm or leg is losing muscle tone. You hurt, and you are frustrated and depressed.

Getting treatment for RSD is possible. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments, where you read or sleep or watch TV in a high pressure, high oxygen chamber, can help free you of pain.Treatment for RSD using a hyperbaric chamber helps the blood vessels and tissue in your body absorb more oxygen. The same process is effective in treating radiation necrosis, carbon monoxide poisoning, and can help reduce or eliminate pain for people with traumatic brain injuries and stroke, and in chronic lyme disease treatment.

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost for treatment of RSD may be partially borne by insurance, so check with your carrier. If not, there are doctors who will work with you to provide bariatric chamber treatment for rsd on a basis you can afford. Bariatric treatment for RSD is painless, and you can be made quite warm and comfortable during the RSD treatments.

Expect your first treatment for RSD to be in a little bit of a space age experience. Ask questions; get familiar with the process. You will get comfortable quickly…because you stop hurting.

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