Find Antiques at an Estate Sale or Auto Auction

Vintage collectible items

There are so very many interesting items that you can find and purchase at estate sales or an auto auction. You can find antiques and treasures of days gone by or even of the contemporary day. Imagine finding a beautiful writing desk from the days of Louis XVI. Called a Bonheur du jour, it was essentially a writing desk used by women. This was a period it time when writing letters and journaling were popular hobbies for women. Today, we use our computers to blog about that upcoming auto auction our husband wants to go to, so we have change a bit since those days.

Another whimsical and beautiful item that many people look for at estate sales or antique auctions is a Canterbury. This piece of furniture does not have anything to do with the tales of Chaucer, however, it is a small, portable stand used to hold books or music, and is a staple in the antique furniture industry, much like the book by Chaucer was required high school reading.

A cheval is another piece sought out at estate sales and furniture shops by those seeking treasured antiques. It is a free standing, adjustable mirror standing on a four legged frame. These were created in the late 18th century when mirrors became popular when advances made it possible to cast single plates of glass.

At these sales or at an auto auction, it is possible to find highly sought after items such as those we just talked about. You can also find beautiful jewelry and art. An auto auction can present the opportunity to purchase that automobile you have always yearned after. Perhaps it is that sports car that you have had your eye on for many years. An auto auction often has many new and vintage sports cars. Or you have always wanted that American muscle car that was just beyond your reach in high school. Peruse the listings of an auto auction, and more often than not, you will find that car, and you can swoop it up.

An auto auction can also be held by local law enforcement agencies that have seized the cars for various reasons. In these cases, you have the opportunity to purchase cars at that auto auction that may need fixing up, but they are very inexpensive. Perfect for your kid that wants his or her first car.
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