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The Urgent Care Association of American claims that approximately 57% of all urgent care patients receive walk in care within 15 minutes; and 80% of local urgent care patients are treated within one hour! If you have been unfortunate enough to wind up in an emergency room at any time during your life these numbers might sound ludicrous.

Urgent care facilities are capable of treating a variety of mild to moderate emergency medical injuries and illnesses. Among the most common conditions treated by urgent care providers are bone fractures, sprains, muscle strains, torn ligaments, lacerations, headache, and flu. The staffs of the typical urgent care facility is composed of doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants. This makes them just as competent as any emergency room facility.

In addition to a shorter wait time than the standard hospital emergency care center, a primary advantage of urgent cares are their low cost. While the average hospital emergency room will charge well over $1,000 dollars per visit, most urgent walk in care facilities will charge their patients about one-tenth of that. This makes urgent cares ideal for people who are not covered by health insurance, or are having trouble with the “Obamacare” system.

Health care is not cheap. Obviously, this is the reason that social health care programs have been such a heated issue for years. However, if you or someone you know needs immediate medical treatment, you need to have an fast medical treatment alternative. Regardless if you are covered by health insurance or not, urgent health care facilities are the way to go for all minor illnesses and injuries.
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