Every Year Millions of Burglaries Occur in the United States How Will You Keep Your Home Safe?

Alarm monitoring system

Every year approximately 2.2 million burglaries occur in the United States. Home invasions and burglaries, while fairly common among many neighborhoods, are considered to be preventable around 87% of the time. Preventing burglaries may be as simple as remembering to lock all the entrances, to installing an professional alarm monitoring service, or even learning the facts behind the average burglary.

Not surprisingly, burglaries are more common in warm weather, than in cold weather. Most home burglaries (about 47%) occur in the southern regions of the United States, with the Midwest and western regions of the U.S accounting for about 21% each. If you reside in these areas, it is highly recommended that you practice preventative measures for burglary, and invest in a alarm monitoring service. The benefits of alarm systems are clearly evident. Home alarm systems can reduce your chances of experiencing a burglary by nearly 60%. However, investing in these systems provide a long list of other valuable features. For example, owning a home that features an alarm monitoring system could save you up to 20% on your home insurance policy.

Although the average arrest rate for burglaries is currently at a weak 13%, practicing safe home security measures will help to prevent burglaries from ever happening to your home in the first place. Most burglars will simply avoid your home if they notice it is monitored by a home security system. Regardless, with these alarm systems available at such an affordable price, the opportunity to invest in keeping your home and your family safe is too valuable to pass up. Read more articles like this.

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