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Looking for a favorite Coolio movie or even just some more information about your favorite coolio albums? Go have some fun and look him up on the Coolio wiki entry.

Do you really know everything there is to know, or that you want to know? Sure, we know he is Coolio rapper famous, and that his name is really Artis Leon Ivey, Jr., born in the city of Compton.

Info on the Wiki page talks about Coolio movie appearances, as well as when his Coolio songs were released. The first couple of singles released in 1987 were not considered to be successes. However, even though not successful, these first forays into the music business let Coolio make some connections, including being signed to the Tommy Boy Records label. He released the album It Takes a Thief, under this label.

He also wrote songs as part of his Coolio movie efforts. He is probably best known for his Coolio movie contribution of the song Gangstas Paradise that was featured in the movie Dangerous Minds. This Coolio movie selection became one of his most well known songs, and he also received a Grammy for this Coolio movie song.

In addition to Coolio movie efforts, he has also appeared on several television shows. These include Ultimate Big Bother and Celebrity Big Brother. Other shows he has appeared on include Celebrity Cook Off. During this appearance, he won $10,000 for his charity. And he even appeared on Wife Swap. That had to be a treat for viewers!

In addition to Coolio movie and Coolio songs, you can find information on the Wiki page about his numerous efforts for charitable causes. He is a spokesperson for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, and the Environment Justice and Climate Changes organization. His efforts with the Asthma foundation are a result of his having childhood asthma which resulted in several hospital visits during his younger days. Additionally, his children also suffer from this condition.

Whether you want to know more about Coolio movies, or just stay on top of his latest releases or appearances, the Wiki page will most certainly keep you up to date.


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