All the Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Desktop Wall Papers

If you are new to this whole “computer” thing, you might not realize that you can customize your desktop background with different wall papers. The desktop, by the way, is where all those neat little icons are stored. The wall paper is that cool design that sits behind it all displaying scenes of nature or cosmic digital computer stuff. You know, that stuff.

There are some pretty neat tricks to know about customizing your computer wall paper so it can best reflect your personal tastes. First, you will need to know a little history about the wall paper function itself. Here are four quick tips to get you on the road to constant cute cat photo displays:

1. One desktop wall paper to rule them all

Perhaps the most strikingly famous of all the desktop wall papers in the world, if there is such a one, is the one that came as the default setting on Windows XP computers. You would probably recognize it: rolling green hill, bright blue sky, both almost glowing right off the screen in vibrant depth. This notable background was taken in the Sonoma County grapevine area of California by photographer Charles O’Rear. Since then, it has been seen on computers around the globe.

2. How to personalize your computer wall paper

So, that one is cool, but after a while, you might get sick of it. We get it. Luckily, you can personalize your desktop wall papers via the settings menu of your computer. Plenty of preselected images and themes are available, but if you dig even more individualization, you can choose from any number of photos you have saved on your computer, too.

3. Then and now, wall paper edition

The term “wall paper” is actually a bit dated now. Windows Vista came preloaded with plenty of new options, but they were referred to as “desktop background” images. Likewise, the Mac OS X system featured a similar update in calling it the “desktop picture” option. In your heart, though, they will always just be computer wall papers. After all, they line the walls of your digital home.

4. Going mobile

Of course, as computer use becomes more and more frequent on mobile devices, they have to get with the times, too. A smartphone often features a number of default wall papers, though you can always choose to select your own. Although, these are often referred to as “home screen” or “lock screen” images. Like we said, “wall paper” might be a dinosaur term, but who cares? We will keep using it until the bitter end. Because that is what wall papers deserve. Research more like this:

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