3 Reasons You Need a Realtor

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Many people think that using a real estate team to buy or sell a home is no longer necessary. If you are looking for Ft lauderdale real estate you may not want to give up on your realtor search yet. Although home realtors require a commission fee, buying or selling a home on your own could cost you more financially in the long run. Here are three reasons that you should not give up your realtor search.

FT Lauderdale is a home destination that is growing in popularity. In 2011 the population was 168,528 and is now attracting a more affluent clientele after catering to spring break crowds for decades. It is a sub tropical climate with average temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees. Fort Lauderdale the Venice of America, as it is sometimes known because of its expansive canal system, can be a tricky home market to break in to. A realtor finds homes for a living and has much easier access to other realtors and the listings of homes that possess all your specific criteria. Without the initial realtor search you will be the one that has to track down listings and find numbers to make calls. This takes time, and assuming that you have a job of your own can take much longer than you initially expect.

Once you find a home that you would like to buy in Ft Lauderdale, there is the business of negotiating. Some people may feel that a direct negotiation is the best way to go because each party is there to look after their own interests. In some cases this can be true, but that is assuming that each party is reasonable, and that is not always the case. Ft. Lauderdale home prices are nearly half of what they were at their highest point. You may not have known this. If you were planning to buy a house without the real estate knowledge that an agent has of the current market, it is very likely that you could end up paying much more than the house is currently worth.

Finally, giving up your realtor search is not a good idea because dealing with real estate contracts are difficult. For example there is the offer to purchase contract. One of the reasons that this contract protects you is because it allows the buyer to back out of the deal when certain conditions are not met. Without it if a buyer were to back out of a deal they could not only lose their deposit but potentially be sued by the seller for not fulfilling their contract. Experienced agents know which conditions to use and when, whether you are buying or selling a home.

Although the realtor search may not be something that you enjoy, there are more than enough reasons that it is necessary. Without any prior real estate knowledge you may be setting yourself up for a bigger loss when trying to buy or sell your own home. Fort lauderdale real estate has become a hot commodity in recent years. Make sure you can get in to the market with as few draw backs as possible. Find a realtor to help you in your search today.

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