240 Million Users Online In America Means That Web Corporate Privacy Matters

Online privacy software

It is fascinating to realize that 361 million users online circa 2000 is equal to roughly two thirds of the Facebook community today. More people online means that data scraping, or a process where computer programs extract data to produce human readable output about browsing and other online activity, has caused problems with anonymous browsing and brand protection worldwide. Online privacy software can protect you from being subject to competitive analysis by intrusive external users, or people that you do not want following your digital footsteps. This is important in protecting proprietary client information, making sure that your patents and intellectual properties remain confidential and more. These are just some of the reasons that a do not track mechanism has been called for by the Federal Trade Commission, similar to a do not call list, that would protect consumers from being stalked on the web by aggressive marketing professionals.

The good news is that most online tracking is done by following an Internet protocol address, or numerical value assigned to your web connection. Since IP addresses can be dynamic, meaning they change every time you boot up, it is still very possible for you to keep corporate privacy intact. If corporate privacy concerns have been bothering you for some time now, get in touch with an IT professional. IT consultants may be able to help you develop the most consistent corporate privacy policy for use of the web on computers and mobile devices owned by your business.

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